O.S.U. Wexner Brain & Spine Center
O.S.U. Wexner Brain & Spine Center

At O.S.U. Wexner Medical Center Brain & Spine

I arrived round about 10:00 a.m. and the first thing I heard was "my god she is still stroking".  This scared me as I had not known of a stroke that went on for hours. I was in the emergency room being accessed and waiting on a M.R.I.

After the M.R.I. I was taken up to the 10th floor.   It seemed like the longer I laid around, the more damage there was.  I was deathly afraid to go to sleep, for fear, that when I woke up I would have no speech, and my cognitive abilities would have disappeared. I could feel everything, inside and on the surface of my left arm and leg, it just would not listen to me.

For the first couple days I was evaluated by exams and questions, every 15 minutes minutes.  For the next couple days, it was every 30 minutes, then it went to every couple of hours for several days, then a couple times a day for the remainder of my time there.

The standard questions were:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you at?
  3. How old are you?
  4. Who's the current president?
  5. Why are you here?

The standard answers:

  1. Cheryl H. Wellman
  2. O.S.U. Brain & Spine
  3. 58
  4. Trump
  5. I had a stroke

After the first week alternative answers:

  1. Princess Dianna
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. 19
  4. An Idiot
  5. The paparazzi were chasing me and I ended up in a car wreck.

Once they knew me I got away with the alternative answers and they told me I was a crazy woman, but at least I was consistent!

It was not until the 16th that we finally got the insurance thing worked out, because I stroked on the first day of coverage and of course I was not at home to get my members package, and there was a mess up about coverages. Finally that nightmare that I had been fighting almost daily since the 1st day of February was over, now what to do with me.  They wanted Dodd Hall for me and I was already accepted, then when the whole insurance thing got settled, it ended up being out of network.  another week passes and none of the in network places had any openings. Then one opened up, and my insurance refused it, stating I didnt mrr the requirments, because I didn't need daily contact with a Doctor.(OMG are you serious? If I had known that, I would have laid around doing nothing to get better so I could get into a 3 hour in-patient rehab, instead of a skilled nursing facility. I worked hard, because I figured that in order to get into a three hour in-patient facility,  I would have to prove I was willing to work hard, and I was very willing! (Heck I was willing to do 6 hours if I could get better faster.) During my stay I had daily P.T. and O.T. both of which I tried my best at.