The Stroke

At Home:

I got up at 4:00 a.m. I had to go into work, for 5:00 a.m. to train an employee on the new lottery machine, that came in while he was on her days off. I was setting at my desk drinking a bottle of Life water, reading my email, when out of nowhere, I started to cough.  At the time I had started coughing I hadn't event taken a mouthful of water I think I must have aspirated on my saliva. I continued to choke, expelling all the air in my lungs, and not being able to get a breath of air into my lungs, I am not sure exactly how long it lasted.  While I was busy choking to death literally, there was a black blanket of fog that went all over me like a cloud of fog giving me a hug, I know that sounds like something out of a movie, but it's true, I believe it's you body shutting down one system at a time.  When out of nowhere and most likely at the last few seconds of my life,  the thought of hitting the back of my neck with my fist popped into my head, so I did it, and all of a sudden I gasped, and got some air back into my body, after my heart rate and pulse settled a bit I reached for the bottle of water, that's when I noticed that something was not right, my left hand was bobbing all over the place, I immediately checked my right arm and it acted normal.  I was still really startled at what was going on, because I didn't feel anything go wrong, no headache no pain, absolutely nothing.  I stood up and my balance was all wacky, I took my broom and pounded on the ceiling under my son's room.  He finally came awake, and come down all ticked off that I woke him this early, by now it was about 4:30 a.m.  I felt weak a bit, but still was not positive of what happened.  I told him "I am not positive, but I think I just had a stroke, he asked me where I was going, and I told him to work like I promised my boss I would do" he called me a liar and that was when I told him to put his shoes on and help me out to the car and to help clean it off, because of my balance, it had snowed all night so there were several inches of snow on my car and the ground. I asked why he thought I was lying?  He said "you would not be going to work, if you had a stroke you would be going to the hospital"  I then replied "you would not understand, as you have no work ethic, however I do!"  I got into my car and drove to work, walked about 75-100 feet into the store, another 75 - 100 feet inside the store up to the cash counter, and set my purse down. I trained the employee on the new lottery machine, then I looked at the employee and said "maybe you should call me an ambulance, because I am now pretty sure I am having a stroke" she asked when and I said since 4:00 a.m. she called 911, and told them what was happening to me and asked for them to come and they did.  They got the gurney as far as the cash counter, and no further, so I unsteadily walked around the cash counter, hanging on to the counter, til I reached the gurney, they helped me on and then I was off to the hospital.

At The Hospital:

We arrived at Bucyrus Community Hospital and before 6:00 am, I had been diagnosed as having a stroke, but there were some things, that remained  unclear. They then used the little robot thingy to contact O.S.U. they asked a few questions, and then had me preform a couple tasks, when the lady on the screen said give her tPA and get her on route to O.S.U. I was within, (just within) the 3 hour window for a drug called  tPA I was given the information about tPA which was scary for me because, it will either help you, or possibly cause a brain bleed that could kill you.  I called my daughter so that she could also read it and witness my signature.  I had to sign a release acknowledging that I understood the possibility of death from tPA.  I was in a dammed if you do and damned if you don't situation, so I decided to roll the dice and signed for the tPA and prayed to God that he would protect me.  I was given the tPA. then I was back on a gurney heading for Columbus to the O.S.U. Wexner Brain & Spine Center.