About Me

I was born in 1960 in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada the daughter of a fisherman.  At 16 I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where I worked, and lived between, Halifax, Dartmouth, Lr. Sackville for the bulk of my life, In 1984 I married, I had 4 Canadian boys. I came to the United States, in 1998 where I married and had 2  U.S. children,1 boy and 1 girl. I promised my husband, before he died, that I would raise his children in the U.S.A  as they were U.S. citizens. being a widow raising two children alone had it's trials and tribulations.

My Story

Pretty basic, I stayed in the U.S. raising 2 children as a single mother, and widow.  Due to the death of my husband, I was able to stay at home and raise my children, through the receipt of SSI Death Benefits.  Once they were old enough, I returned back to the workforce. On the day of my stroke I was working for Onway a gasbar/convience store in, Bucyrus, Ohio, U.S.A.