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Disappearing Clothes

From about month two when I started ordering in more clothes than the three outfits, and two bras, ten pairs of underwear from Walmart. I decided to order in some more clothes from J.C.Penny's and they were sent directly to Heartland.  I after re-inventorying my clothing, I was shocked to see the total of what I have been complaining about since the end of the third month here.  I sure added up. so I gave then a descriptive list of all items that are not in my room. Original cost of the lost J.C. Penny items $350.00 lost Walmart items $70.00 .The Housekeeping Manager Nina came and inventoried my current clothing, and told me the only way they would pay for them, was for me to reorder them, and they would pay for the clothes after they arrived.  The clothes arrived about a month ago now, I was told that it would take about two weeks, they have copies of the credit card statements, and one was due on the 5th the other the 12th of October both now overdue, I trusted them, I have no idea why, because thus far my dealings with management at Heartland have been less than honorable.  So at this point there is now late fees and interest on two of my credit cards that were both at a zero balance when I had to put the clothes on them because I have no money in my bank at this moment, I did have, but Kent State University went into my account and it took what I had left in my account and sunk it $260.00 I am furious.


O.M.G.!! I am so upset about this I can't see straight, they had the nerve to go back into my account after my banking information had been removed from their account and my daughters was put in.  They apparently think they are above the law.  I called them, and they admitted they did it, because my info was in their history, so without authorization they went into my account, and took every cent I had and told me straight out they do not give it back unless I formally dispute it. So I did!

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