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Hemorrhoid Banding

Who has 6 children, and no hemorrhoids, but has a stroke, and voila there they are.  Two of my sisters have had this done.  My sister Carolyn, who can not take any kind of pain, and I believe God knew this, and made sure she was born without the pain gene lol. She told me it was a piece of cake, however my other sister told her that she had a hard time with, the procedure that she had pain. So who did I listen to, yep you guessed it, yep the one that told me she only had butterflies in her belly for labor pains, when she had her children, me I had my children 100 percent natural, no pain killer, no spinal blocks, nothing, stand there and catch the baby, so I could know what it felt like for my grandmother to have her babies at home.  I had a inborn need to know what it was like for her.  Yes it hurt, however all my six children scored high on the Apgar score, and I believe that was because I did not allow them to put anything into my system, therefore it had no chance of going into their little systems.  Anyway the point of that information, was to show I have a high tolerance for pain, however having someone stretch you apart in a place that normally is not, apparently your body knows what is supposed to stretch and what is not.  Long story short I don't think I will ever sit in a chair comfortably again. Obviously I will, but my poor bottom is complaining at the moment.  I felt everything each time the  Dr. put the camera, air and banding instrament in and out for all three bands, I kept rembering my sister telling me it took less than 10 minutes, so I just kept thinking it had to be over soon, she clarified that she only had 1 done at a time in a call later in the day, now she decides to tell me that little fact.  I had three banded and I hope that is all I have, because I am not sure I want to do this all over again.

Moral of this story is some people feel more than others, after I tell Carolyn how I was feeling. She tells me she had only 1 done at a time also, she is  also so whimpy when it comes to pain, that she was totally out when she had hers done, another little detail she left out during our  conversations about having the banding done. Not that it would have changed anything, I still would have had it done, I would have just been better prepared for what came during and after, I think, maybe ... most likely not, I had to have the surgery done anyways.

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