Issue #11 – Orthopedic Appointment

Heartland Injured Arm

Finally had my arm x-rayed and later Ortho Appt.

About a month after my arm was injured they finally ordered x-rays one day a standard set was done, then all of a sudden, the day after, a digital set.  A couple weeks later the occupational therapist checked my file because she wanted to see the x-rays results. Well guess what there was nothing about them in my file.  So she came to me and asked about them I told her to go and check with Christie, she was the one that came to me with the supposed results.  She tried to tell me it was arthritis, which I knew was a lie I had an M.R.I. specifically for areas of arthritis because, they needed to differentiate between arthritis pain and possible neuropathy pain. In the M.R.I. done less than a month before all the pain showed up in my arm,  there was no arthritis in my upper body at all.  At that point, after what Christie told me  I knew that this place was going to bury the issue and not accept responsibility for the damage their aid caused.  They would not even book a orthopedic appointment until two and a half months after the damage was caused.  That only happened because O.T. AND P.T. started writing it almost weekly about the pain and the swelling, that the Ortho. appointment was needed.

It became very apparent Heartland was not going to accept responsibility for the injury even though they were the ones who employed the aid.  Almost three weeks of pain before they would even bring in x-ray and two and a half months after the injury, finally Orthopedics was able to see me and of course the initial swelling and damage has had almost three months to heal. I now have to have a needle every three months, I have only had one but the first one started to wear off at about a month and a half after the injection, not pain to the same degree, but the feeling of it wanting to pop apart was back at that time.  It should also be noted that I normally ( pre-stroke) have a very high pain tolerance, I am not sure if that has changed with the stroke.

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