Issue #2 Heartland Call Lights

First Day At Heartland Of Marion

A conference in my room.

My room mate and her husband had a meeting with the social worker. The concern at hand was the length of call light times before someone came in to help. Apparently on average it was over 30 minutes.  My heart hit the floor, I thought what have I done where have I put my non operational body. I should have checked more thoroughly into the place instead of basing it on a street name that I knew the location.  The call light times, only got worse from there, from that day onward it averaged, over an hour, my room mate and her hubby were not impressed, oh and neither was I. Heather the social worker stood there and told the couple that call light times would get better and then hubby said your understaffed if you can not get to call lights any faster than 30 minutes. Her response was we meet state minimums.  Who says that? Why would anyone stand there and be proud of meeting a minimum, considering the competition in this field would I not aim to be better than the rest and grow my business that way? The call light issues never got better only worse on Medbridge 300 hall. in fact occasionally it got worse yet.  One night I waited over 3 hours until one of my favorite aids came in at 11:00 p.m., and answered my light and took me straight into the bathroom, and amazingly I was able to hold my bladder even though it was hurting to hold it.

The big joke was that whenever State was on the property, the navy blue uniformed nurses actually assisted with personal care, otherwise that absolutely never happened, only aids did personal care.  Nurses handled meds and wound care. Like as in everything else there were a couple exceptions, but very few.  The bigger joke was that State knew this and Heartland thought they had State fooled.

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