Issue #3 Arm Injury

Heartland Week Two

Arm Injury.

One night, at bedtime, I had the light onto get into bed.  At the time I was transferring with the stand pivot disk.  An aid came in to answer the light, she asked how I transferred, I answered, and she proceeded to position the disk at the center of the bed, i told her where they usually positioned me at, and she told me that it didn't make a difference, because she had a partner tonight. I once again told her how it was usually done so I didn't have to be hauled up in the bad, and once again she insisted it didn't matter because she had a partner, at this point she had made it quite clear she was not going to listen to me, she was going to do it her way.  I was then transferred from the bed to the center of the bed.  then she went looking for partner.  They came into the room together and tried to shift me up, when the one that had argued with me mishandled my arm/shoulder and I yelped, she went to go under my arm again, I clamped my arm to my bodyand and told her no she was not doing it again, thats when she said, a little on the snotty side, how the hell do they move you?" I really wanted to say, if you had bloody listened to me in the first danged place, we would not even be having this conversation.  Then she said oh there is a slide on the back of the door  and she went and got it, put it under me and whipped me up in place. By now I was hurting badly, and I really wanted to say: "oh now you remenber, there was a slde on the dang door

This aid obviously for got her training about handling and supporting a stroke victims arm.  I had no arm pain when I arrived at Heartland and started my occupational therapy with no pain, and now both therapies are having to adapt the therapy I get to accomodate the pain in my arm.

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