Issue #5- Hall 100 Roommate

Heartland The New Room

The Roommate

The new roommate was not so bad I thought until every morning between 1-2:30 am she would start her "are you awake" she would say that several times progressively getting louder and when I didn't answer, trying to stay asleep without coming fully awake, it got to "ARE YOU AWAKE?" I would answer I am now what do you need Lois?  Can you ring for the nurse, I can't find my button.  This went on every night, and then on week 2 or there about when it took the aid too long to get to the room, she started yelling at me and telling me I lied and did not press the button, then after about 5 minutes of her threatening me, she said: "you cant even move by yourself bitch, I can and I'll get out of this f'ing bed and kill your fat f'ing ass!" it was at exactly that moment the nurse and aid walked in, the nurse came in and pointed her finger right at Lois's face and told her "don't you ever threaten her again, do you understand me?"  I then witnessed something so scary, she morphed into a quiet as a mouse personality and said: "but I needed to go pee" I then realized that when ever a person in any kind of authority was around she was syrupy sweet.  Then came the time she apparently got tired or bored with the sweet lil girl act and she no longer cared who knew what she was so she started spitting her pills back at the nurses face, and tried and swung at them trying to hit them, from this point onward it was hell being in that room with her she was pure evil. It was then I said to one of the nurses, that if I didn't know any better, I would bet my life that Lois was schizophrenic, by the look on the nurses face I had hit the nail on the head with that educated guess.

Her threatening to kill me went into the 24 hour report, and therapy knew about it and one of the therapists brought me a cane and said " if she comes at you just cane her. lol They would not let me leave with the cane lol, however the cane therapist dropped into O.T. later and brought me a spoon, and that caught me off guard for a second, then I figured it out, I was to take the spoon and make a shiv out of it, lmao this therapist is a barrel of laughs and I would work with her any day, it would make for a fun work environment.

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