Issue #6 AWOL Nurses Aids

100 Hall

A.W.O.L. Aids

5:45a.m. i had the light on for about 30 minutes, aid finally arrives gets me on the toilet and leaves handing me the bathroom call bell. i am done in about 5 minutes, light on. Time passing by and no aids. this might be a good timr to mention that at 5:15 a.m. my roommate was set bedside with a pan of water to wash up and get dressed for the morning.  She could not stand on her own, so she needed help getting dressed and into her wheelchair. we both have call lights on.  Shift change happens at 6:00 a.m.   Hmmmmmm still no aid and I know it has had to be more than 1/2 hour, I don't have a watch with me, so while I am in the bathroom time just is.  Finally I hear someone come into the room, my roommate thought I had gone to therapy because I had been gone for so long.  they got her up and dressed, and i heard that the aid was about to leave and I hollered out don't leave, she opened the door and said "OMG I didn't knowyou were in here"  I asked: "didn't the night aid tell you she left my roomate on her bedside , no clothes or nothing and me in the bathroom?"  She said no, at changeover she said nothing, then the 200 hall aid called off, so they were pulled to 200 to deal with a two person assist.  I then replied, wait let me get this straight, one aid called off so they decided to take 100 halls two aids and leave us with nothing , so none of the early ups for therapy on 100 hall was ready, but it was important that 200 halls was?


Needless to say my butt was hurting, and I was pissed at the poor decision making of who ever made the decision, to leave 100 hall with no aids. I have been able thus far to figure out this place runs on bad decisions.  That is why four of five of my roommates were removed early, because their spoouses and family's were tired of the neglect and lack of care, their loved ones were having to deal with.

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