Issue #7- Run Away Toilet

100 Hall

Toilet Issues

Since the day I came into my room on 100 hall, there has been an issue reported almost weekly to maintenance for 2 months, that the toilet slid side to side, by numerous aids, nurses, and absolutely nothing was done about it, until someone fell as a direct result of their neglect. So the toilet was fixed now right? Wrong! I was a property manager for most of my life, so I told them what they needed was a flange repair kit and a wax ring.  I got into the bathroom, to go pee, and we now had "a toilet on stilts" I could not believe what I was seeing, all I could do was laugh and ask " what the hell was that?" They answered your toilet is fixed now, well the first thing I noted was the shims were not equally distributed, so inevitably it was going to shift and rock, which it did oh and now it leaks too. Fast forward three weeks later after an Ombudsman and the State showed up, even though it was immediately reported that it was leaking as well as shifting again.  So while State is on property supposedly it is fixed.  Nope, however; it doesn't slide as much, but it slid and it would not be long before it would move the same as it always did, oh and it was still leaking.  Fast forward about another 3 weeks they are trying to move in someone into my unit, and therefore make the aids work even harder, having to haul two people to central bathroom as I was told we were not to use the bathroom.  It just so turned out the lady they moved in was contageous, which they discovered after they brought her into my room.  Well she was taken right back out and put into isolation and I am left sitting there stunned at how something like that could happen?  Oh wait after all it is Heartland we are talking about.  So three days later, July 24th, I am returning from bingo when they tell me, that I have a new roommate I immediately said hell no, and they quickly said the toilet is fixed.  I go in meet my new roommate, and then went to the bathroom, and behold what do I see, it is still leaking and it is back up on stilts again but even worse only two shims, mid toilet, so in truth all they did was make the toilet into a teeter totter how precious. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out if you put two one inch pieces in the middle if something about two feet long that it will only serve to destablize the unit.  You know the long plank board over a barrel thing we used to do as kids.

They now because of all the movement, need a flange repair kit, toilet bolt set, a wax ring and now because it went on for so long an O ring seal for the toilet tank, and I personally think after four attempts at trying to repair that toilet it's time to call a plumber, and stop jerry-rigging the dang thing. Just M.H.O it's time they start taking this toilet issue to heart and stop half arsing it.

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