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Transportation or lack there of:

Transportation is booked by one person who always states, not my fault, yet she is the only one that books transport, so who's fault is it?  Today was the fourth time I have had appointments yet no transport was set up.  Over a month ago, I had a call from the urologist that I had been referred to by the OBGYN. I sent the appointment information to the nurses desk to the transportation person.  Wednesday the 13th of November, I sent the envelope that had the appointment written on,to the nurses desk to transportation person,  just as a reminder so there will be no screw-ups.  So let me say this straight forward, a month ago they were advised of appointment then again two days ago advised again, and today, the appointment day no transportation.


What do you do when you can't get to your appointments, and no one wants to accept responsibility for anything, you bitch them out, and go back to your room, and book your own appointment, issue solved!



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