Issue #12 – Round #2

Care Less Conference Round #2

Here I Go Again

I had always thought, that I would have been out of rehab and back to work, long before this date, its been a long hard hall.  I am being notified from the social worker that I am on a two week therapy notice again.  I  am getting tired of this, I would like to be left alone to concentrate on my rehabilitation, without all the stress.  I have told the social worker, that I want the Ombudsman present with me.  I called the Ombudsman  but have not heard back from her as of yet. I might just have to deal with this on my own. the P.T. talked with me today about setting some minimums before release, one of them, is to stand out of my chair, walk around an obstacle and then be seated back into my chair in under 18 seconds, it's call a TUG I am currently over a minute, she is aiming for thirty seconds. The shorter the time, the less the fall risk. I am going to do this every session, to lessen my risk factor, so I can feel more secure about going home. At the moment I am terrified, I still have to learn to wipe my behind.  I can dress myself all but the pull up, its too wide in the crotch for me to get it pulled up, so as long as I am close to a bathroom ill be able to wear my own underwear. Well I will update all after the care conference. See ya then.

LOL OK Now I have the White Snake song in of my head LOL " Here I Go Again" on my own. OMG  I can't get the song out of my head. All I want is to get my body back,so I can get back to work, this only having a couple hours a day of therapy leaves me with far to much time on my hands.  I am so used to not having even five minutes to my self that all this time is boring me to death.

10/8/2019 Update:  I got to 37 seconds on the TUG Score and because of the backwards slide, I am back to 41 for the last two weeks this is getting depressing.


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