Issue #8 – Kassie’s Graduation

Heartland Leave Authorization

May 26th .

I had always thought, that I would have been rehabed and back to work, long before this date ever came around. So, I basically I have to take my rehab into my own hands, because I most likely will not get permission to go to my daughters graduation if I can not do a car transfer.  So the week before graduation, I had one of the nurses come outside with me and witness me doing a transfer into and out of the car. Yay!!!!! I pulled it off cleanly, so the nurse could tell the doctor that functionally I am able to go, so the doctor gave me a blanket authorization so I could go with her and/or friends to short functions or shopping.

Oh Lordy, I finally get a bit of freedom, you have no idea what it feels like, to feel trapped in your own body, a body you used to claim as your own, however, now I am left wondering wether it ever really was, was I just borrowing it, because it is no longer paying attention to me. Just imagine setting on your couch and not ever being able to get up off of it, that whatever was in reach of your right arm was the only thing you have access to, imagine that. Did you try it? Imagine that? Welcome to my world. It's getting better now, but that was basically my life for almost four months until I got some mobility back.

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