Issue #10- Called to the Mat

Called to the Mat

18 year old takes on the social worker.

June 17th 2019,  at 8:30 a.m. I had my daughter come to Heartland to video this out of the blue, unscheduled evaluation and as she came in she stopped at the front desk , and left a message for the social worker she wanted to see her in my room, my daughter was told, social worker was in a meeting until eleven, and she told the front desk, well then I will see her at 11:00 in moms room.  11:00 came and went, Kassie went to the desk to see what the hold up was, she was told I don't know where the social worker is at. I asked Kassie what she said when she got here this a.m. and I soon found out she made a critical mistake, because she told the receptionist she had to leave around noon because she had a meeting at 1:15.  appointment, now they could put her off until the time she had to leave.  At 12:45 in walks the two social workers, the business manager, and the previously missing head of therapy.  From 11:00 - 12:45 they were most likely all together, trying to get their story straight before they all came to face us.  Kassie quickly gets to the point of the matter.  "Now that you have made my mother jump through a bunch of hoops today, we want to know why we were lied to at the care conference?  She first denied that she lied, she never told us that the insurance had stopped my therapy in two weeks, Kassie said yes you did, several times when mom asked, then the business manager and the previously missing Head of therapy jumped in and said your mother had plateaued, and when there is no progress that inevitably insurance stops any further therapy.  Then my daughter asked: "well she did everything you threw at her today so obviously she is no longer plateaued, so now what?" They said that I was plateaued but now I made so much progress, leaps and bounds, that  I should be ready to go in two weeks anyway. I was afraid that she was going to let out the one other thing that I had found out when I talked to the insurance company, something I didn't want them to know that I knew. Ooooops there she goes, she told them, the insurance told my mom that she has been approved, for therapy/skilled nursing facility until December 31st, 2019.  Oh and you should also know that she is not on her own any longer, I spoke with the Ombudsman for her. Well you could have knocked me over with a straw, I didn't even see that one coming. My daughter is more like me than she wants to admit.  On Sunday I had also contacted via email, The State, The Ombudsman, The Ombudsman on Aging.  So I was so proud of her, and impressed, that she had also figured out who may be able to help us. Up until this point, she has not fought her own battles, if anything business like came up she always called me and I dealt with it for her, and I am talking up until a week or so ago, so it blew my mind that she did for me exactly what I did for myself. My little girl has now graduated, and now she is growing up real fast.  In a few weeks she is going off to university and it is going to be so strange, not being able to see her a couple times a week.  I most likely will not see her until Christmas, if then, she hates Ohio, especially Bucyrus, so its a possibility I won't even see her then.  It's definately going to be different, because even when she moved into her own appartment she really didn't leave I seen her usually once a day sometimes more either at my work and at home. Basically she just didn't sleep at home anymore. So while I am trying to get my body to function normally again, I am also going to have to deal with the empty nest thing too.

I really wanted to ask:  "now let me get this straight, two therapy sessions ago I wasn't making any progress, and now in two therapy sessions I have advanced so much that I will be ok to go home now in two weeks anyways, do you all know how stupid you are making yourselves sound?"

I now have to deal with the fact I have to hand over my wellbeing to a facility that has proved itself untrustworthy, and now I get to deal with an empty nest. OMG  I just realized I really have not lived alone my entire life, I have always lived with someone, then there were kids.

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