Issue #9. – Care Conference

Care Conference

No Care Involved Should Be Renamed Care Less Conference

June 12th 2019,  at 1: 15 I had my daughter, my best friend and her husband come to my care conference in my room.  I had also invited my O.T & P.T. To be involved as well, they had to decline as their boss  Sara Lynn was the only one that ever went to care conferences and they checked and she would be there. The only person that showed up from Heartland was the social worker, she did basically exactly what I expected her to do.  I kind of read into this out of the blue so called care conference.  I was not wrong.  She said that my insurance had  cut me off.  I said I would appeal, she told me, that there are some things you can appeal and some things you can not appeal, this was one of the things you can't appeal, I daid I was going to try, and she called the Business Manager to verify that this was one of the things that was not appealable.  during my conference the social worker left to go nail a resident who was smoking on the property that was not supposed to be smoking, leaving the Business Manager to close out the conference.  So let me sum this up I have two weeks to find a one level place, as my current home is three levels, or the alternative was to sign in as a permanent resident, where I woul not recieve any further therapy.  Itold them there was no way in hell that I was going to live out the remainder of my life in this place. I am not now nor will I ever be nursing home material. Conferenced closed. I cried for the remainder of the day and off and on all the next day I was a wreck, what was I going to do, I can't stand on my own yet or they haven't let me,  I can't even clean my own backside I can't fully dress myself, but there was no way I was staying in this place, the care is a joke, and the food is an even bigger joke, hell they don't even know how to poach an egg, and that what they call a cook?  07/14/2019 i decided I was going to contact my insurance and ask for an appeal, so I did and they were confused what it was I was wanting to appeal, that the last thing in my file, was dated mid April and they approved more therapy for me and as far as they knew nothing had changed, and they were not stopping my therapy, that they got nothing further from Heartland that would have caused them to stop it.  Insurance asked me a total of three different times, who told me they stopped my insurance, I answered them and then she asked, if I had the telephone number for Heartland, I didn't but I had my notebook computer up and I could get it for her so I did and she asked me to hang on while she called Heartland, while on hold a message came on that my call cannot be answered at the moment, please call back.  So I gave it a few moments and called back, of course I was not going to get the same rep, and I didn't but there was notes in the file, so she read them off to me.  Could not get a hold of the social worker, so call was put through to the business manager, she said she had no knowledge of the case, but Sara Lynn should know, so Sara Lynn took the call, and she knew nothing of the case either, but would investigate it and get back to them.  So let me sum this up, I am being pressured to hand over everything I own and sign myself into long term care, the two people that attended from Heartland, one would not take the call, the other played dumb and lied to insurance, them dumped into the persons lap that was supposed to be at my care conference, and did not even bother to show up.  What a farce!  I was pissed to say the least, and now I trust no one from this hell hole! My care and my best interest my patootie! Within an hour of my call to insurance I had my Monday's therapy schedule oh my all of a sudden I am being evaluated again, which is supposed to be every ten therapy days, that will only be five days.  I thought about this for a few minutes, then I realized what was going to happen, so I arranged for my daughter to be here with me and video my two therapy sessions.  My suspicions were that the therapies were going to ask me to do things they knew were too hard for me, and that I would not be able to do, so they could try and cover their butts, cos they deffinatley got caught in their lies. So after getting caught how could they possibly save face?  Make me do things that they had not practiced with me, and figured I would fail to be able to do so they could say something along the lines oh we were trying not to hurt you by saying it was us that made that decision or some other crap they were goung to try and save face with, but I nipped that in the bud, late afternoon on Friday I let insurance know what was about to happen on.  Well Monday came and the joke was on them, as hard as some of it was, I jumped all thieir hurtles, putting on a pair of pants on my own while standing.  Transferring from my wheelchair to a chair, then back into my wheelchair, walking forward a few steps, no big deal, however; they made me then walk backwards which to this point always messed with my balance and they had to catch me but not today I was deathly afraid that this was going to be my failure, ooops but it wasn't. Go ahead and make me jump through perverbial hoops,  and I will jump through them, and dang if I didn't!

They now because of all the movement, need a flange repair kit, toilet bolt set, a wax ring and now because it went on for so long an O ring seal for the toilet tank, and I personally think after four attempts at trying to repair that toilet it's time to call a plumber, and stop jerry-rigging the dang thing. Just M.H.O it's time they start taking this toilet issue to heart and stop half arsing it.

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