Stolen Property

Well let me see, how this kind of goes.  I attended the resident council meeting.  Asked why management, was not involved, so that they can directly answer for their departments issues instead of getting things second and third handed, made more sense, that they hear the issues, that the residents have with each individual department.  Three days later after I suggested it Admin and department managers stood in front of council to adress residents issues with each of the departments.  Well maintenance manager, who used to be housekeeping manager, when most all housekeeping walked off.  Great management skills right?  During her housekeeping reign, she was responsible for over half of my clothing being lost.  Good thing I had records of everything they lost, they were a little pissy about the fact I could prove what I owned, that I no longer had.  She hated me for that and tried to get around the issue, but I was not going to let it go, over three hundred dollars of clothing.  By the end of the meeting I know I had several daggers planted in my back.  That was when she signed for a parcel, my walker, a piece of equipment for my safety, she outright told me I was not getting it.  There has been a little tension since then.  After the lost clothing debackle, by about a month, was when most of housekeeping walked off.  Way to manage a department.  Now she has been moved to maintenance only over one person, and I truely do not see that working either. Like I said recycling their problems rather than actually dealing with them.  Now for some reason, she is on some kind of power trip, doing what she feels she can get away with.  She came at me within an hour after the resident council meeting they stood in front of and had to try and justify their behaviours concerning the different departments. She got it on two fronts, housekeeping and maintenance.  So now I am going to have to be the bad guy again.

So here is my solution, I will contact her once, and only once more. Ask for my property, and if it is not in my pocession by the end of the day, I am left with no choice, her choice to make.  So now comes the police and a lawyer, lets see how cocky she is when she is informed she is breaking the law. Can you say stolen property? I am still of the opinion that this is one of Heartlands issues that needs to go, not be recycled.  They have the worse rating in the entire state, and if they countinue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the facilitys issues, then that one star is all it will ever be, and sooner or later the state is going to have to decide if their license needs to be addressed. I believe I have been abundantly clear on where I stand on the matter.

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