Infamous Kitchen

Well, from admin down making unproven promises and we all knew it was a bunch of houey, all talk, never going to happen.  To make things much easier for the so called dietician.  I sent a very simple breakfast, dinner choice, always the same no changes.  Breakfast = yogurt (no peach), 2 strips of bacon with an orange juice, easy right?  Dinner=Fruit Plate, no banana, apple juice. also easy right?

Then I gave them a list of will not eat. = fish, mushy vegetables, lima beans, milk (lactose interolerant), bread, powdered eggs, sausage patty or links, plain rice, plain/buttered noodles, breaded prefab mystery meat. Easy right?

All week they have been sending me anything but what I ordered, breakfast has always been powdered eggs, toast and no bacon but always sasuage patty or link, and apparently no more juice if we want something other than water to drink, we get to drink purple colered sugar water (koolaid), and that brilliant decision was made by the so called dietician, can you say cracker jack box or bubble gum machine degree LOL because what dietician in their right mind takes away real fruit juices and subitutes it with absolutely no nutrition Koolaid?  They keep saying the kitchen is going to be much better than under the old manager, who was fired for threatening one of the kitchen aids.  On to much better, last weekend only 2 workers in the entire kitchen show up, so they pull off the floor a couple aids, that are also understaffed.  Really smart decisions being made in the kitchen now right? I can't see this facilities problems ever being solved with the "just rotate the problems" and hope like hell that things will somehow get better? 

So here is kind up an update Houskeeping, rooms get cleaned if your lucky twice a month, they were down to two people and that includes laundry.  Kitchen down to a skeleton crew and nothing being done right.  I have maintenance holding my property that I bought and paid for, a walker (safety equipment) away from me with no right to do so. So now comes the police and a lawyer, lets see how cocky she is when she is informed she is breaking the law. Can you say stolen property?

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