1. That you would know if you had a stroke, you surely would feel it right? WRONG! There was no pain or clear indicator that I had a stroke.  When my father had his stroke, mom told me in a call, that dad started talking all slurred, that his left side was all numb, and that he said his tongue felt fat, I immediately instinctively knew those were symptoms of a stroke and once she got him to hospital, my suspicions, were proven right.  I had none of that, so I didn't have a stroke right? WRONG!!
  2. That all strokes had some basic symptoms right? WRONG!  I thought I was having a bad case of vertigo, not a stroke.
  3. There are some basic things when they happen, the stroke team can determine, what kind of stroke you had and whether it was right sided, left sided or center of the brain. Even then Jane may have lost speech with her left sided stroke, while Joe had the same side stroke as Jane had but his speech was not affected.  Think of it this way, combination locks have 3 number combinations, and if you don't remember the combination, there are about 1,000 combinations possible for a 3-digit number/code.  The human brain has approximately one billion brain cells, now figure in the cell, where its  located, what it does and how much damage was done to the cell, all those factors will determine what effects the stroke will have on you. Just thinking about that hurts my brain and it's mind boggling. A computer might be able to figure it out, however; I bet it would be computing for quite some time before it could even come close to predicting all the affects you were going to suffer, and to what extent those effects would pertain to you as an individual.

In conclusion, strokes are as individual, as the person is individual, multiplied by a billion different factors.