Unknown Doctors Appointment

OBGYN Nurse Practitioner

Checking of the parts.

I am sitting in my room, when in walks a gentleman from Get Well Transport, he looks directly at me and says:"are ya ready?". I have to be looking stunned, because at this point, no one bothered to tell me I had an appointment, so stupid me says "we going on a lunch date?" he says "no you have a doctors appointment", I was stunned, I said, O.K. no one told me but I am as ready as I am going to be, so lets hit the road, and off we went.  No one still knows what kind of an appointment it is. So we arrive at 1040 Executive Drive, and that's when I figure things out.  I wish I had of known, I would have gone pee before I left the nursing home. So here I am about to have a pap smear, and I have issues with my bladder, this will be interesting.  I make it through the exam and she says that she is not seeing any issue with things dropping out of place or anything.  She has decided that as it has been forever, I need to have a mammogram and a bone density test and see a urologist to see if there is an issue with the bladder. So that was my Friday afternoon, and here I thought I was in for another boring, long, and unexciting afternoon leading into the weekend. So I am seeing at least three more appointments in the near future.

So now my near future days are going to be very interesting but we are aiming at finding a solution to my O.A.B issues and making sure all the other parts are working as expected.

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