Unknown Dr. Appointment X2 Shocking!

I got absolutely no sleep in the early morning hours of 2/19/20 we have a gentleman that won't do any therapy just lays in his bed and hollers and yells all day and night long so I gave up trying to get any at 5:30 am, got in the shower and out, had breakfast, and was just sitting in my chair when a gentleman came into my room and said, "are you ready?" I said "ready for what?", he said "your appointments you have one this morning and another this afternoon right after lunch" so off I go in a daze to my appointments, still not knowing what and who thy were with, turns out that the morning was with the urologist, and the afternoon one was with my ortho for my 90 steroid needle.  Made it just in time for the first game of bingo.   My Monday, Wednesday and Saturday activity fix.


I got as far as the nursing desk and asked "what appointments do I have that I was not informed of?" the appointment lady  rather snottily said "the appointments you had follow ups from months ago" those appointments should have had a note sent to me no latter than  the day before, so that I could have been expecting the guy and have been ready I usually take my shower right after breakfast, and had it been a normal day I would have been in the shower when he arrived to pick me up.

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