Urologist Appointment

Well seems like the urologist is a little more concerned than heartland, and she was terribly upset that she was not contacted about blood in my urine when it happened either time. It could be nothing, or it could be something serious there is never supposed to be blood coming from either your kidneys or bladder and if it is found in your urine it has to have come one of those two places.  Now I have to have a cat scan, then depending on what they see there, I may have to have a camera inserted into the urethra into my bladder and kidneys to check on things, that all sounds like so much fun even though she assures me that I will be numbed and "shouldn't" feel a thing, I remembered the last time I was told that, I felt everything, nothing left out "everything!"


I was not prepared for that, as I thought that as Heartland didn't react about the blood, that she would not have done so either. So not the case.

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