You really are alone!!!

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Today it was thrown in my face that my friends and family are all talking among themselves and are all of the same opinion that I will never walk again, quite frankly it is easier to push through hard times when you think you have a cheering section behind you than it is without one, ask any football team. It turns out, that my cheerleaders are now cheering for another team. It truly is hard when you have the only family locally, either stealing from you, or treat you like your only exist to solve their problems or get money from. Your worthless, and they have no time for you feeling down, especially when they are the ones making you feel that way. She then said that she does not even know why she comes to visit me, and I replied then don't, she got up and left thinking I was going to try and stop her, I did not. Love, visits or phone calls from my children always come at a price, and my physical, and now my emotional banks are broke nothing more to bleed out of them. I am done with kids using you till your all dried up. The first moment I can do most things for myself and can afford it I am returning to Canada, get a place and stay by myself, less drama that way. Disability has made a decision, I will find out in a week or so, and then I will make a decision on what direction my life will take moving forward. Here I go again the Whitesnake tune comes to mind.


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